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Newsletter - European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) - April 2024

ELFAC calls on the UN to fully respect the right of parents to have as many children as they wish

ELFAC’s statement is one of the 23 from all the world approved and distributed for the 57th session of the Commission on Population and Development of the United Nations which will take place in New York from 29 April to 3 May.


ELFAC talked on family perspective at the Digital Innovation Summit in Bucharest

Regina Maroncelli asked a provocative question: “What does a mother of four look for at a summit on digitalization and innovation? 
ELFAC letter to the Spanish Prime Minister to ask him to maintain the large family card

A proposal of the Spanish government calls for the abolition of the existing large family card, as well as the name and concept of large family.
Germany: Civil Society Declaration signed by KRFD

Preparing the 30 th anniversary of the International Year of the the United Nations.
Estonia: Call for the large family of the year and new campaign for family-friendly restaurants
The winning of the large family of the year award  will receive a €10,000 scholarship.  
APFN consults families on the new Portuguese government

The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) launched a survey among its members
Croatia: The Second Trade Fair of Children’s Equipment was Held in Zagreb
Organized by Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus“.


Large Families Day at Riga ZOO (Latvia)

May 1 | 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

For the third year, Latvian Large Families Association) celebrates large families on 1 May! 

The European Large Family of the Year Award 2023 will be delivered by secretary general of ELFAC.


Commission on Population and Development, fifty-seventh session

April 29 - May 3

Main topic: Assessing the status of implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development.




Large families and poverty in Austria: What explains their disproportionate risk of experiencing income poverty?

In many countries, large families with three or more children have high income poverty rates.



Policies for large families in European countries

New section on our website with specific policies for large families in different European countries.



Croatia: Presentation of the Results of the International Research of the GGP-Generations & Gender Program

The Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus participated in the presentation.



An Interview with Catherine Pakaluk: Why some mothers chose to have more children

Pakaluk, a social scientist and mother of eight, decided to investigate why some 5% of American women choose to have five or more children. 

A life worth living: one family embraces four children with Down syndrome

A few months ago, my oldest son told me he has a friend who has seven siblings, four with Down Syndrome...



ELFAC is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

On 27 March 2024, during the 2n European Conference of Large Families in Lisbon, under the motto “Large Families – Spring in an Ageing Europe”, the European Large Families Confederation was formally constituted. 🥳


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